Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Essential Items for Your Music Bag

What to be a model student? Here is a list of some essential items for your music bag:

  • Pencil/eraser - Never be without a pencil, you don't want to repeatedly forget an accidental or miss a cut in the music.
  • Tuner - It is especially important to be in tune if you're playing within an orchestra. The picture below shows the Trevor James Clip on tuner, read a review here. This particular tuner is very portable and allows you to check the tuning of each note while playing a piece as it clips onto the instrument.
  • Practice book/journal - A great place to record what you have to work on and your time spent practicing each week. I would recommend the ABRSM Practice book (shown in the picture below), but an notebook will do the job perfectly. What to know how to keep a practice journal? click here
  • Manuscript paper/book - Useful for writing out any transpositions. The picture below shows the Mickey Mouse manuscript book. 
  • Pegs - essential for busking or outdoor concerts so avoid the embarrassing moment that your music blows away! The picture below shows the K&M Sheet music Clips.
  • Portable metronome - Useful if you need to practice a tricky passage on the go.

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