Sunday, 29 December 2013

Player Insight: Tine Thing Helseth

Tine Thing Helseth is a Norwegian trumpet player, specialising in classical music. As well as a solo career she also runs an all female brass ensemble called 'TenThing' who performed at the BBC Proms in 2013. She has definitely had an impact on adjusting the male stereotype of the trumpet along with other players such as Alison Balsom.

She has a recording contract with EMI at present and has a few different albums:
My favourite album is her trumpet concertos album. I think she has interpreted the classics Haydn, Hummel and Neruda beautifully and is definitely worth a listen.

One of my favourite performances by Tine was when she played 'Libertango' at the 100th anniversary of the woman's right to vote in Norway. Listen below:

She has a beautiful rich tone and uses a Bach 1 1/4 C mouthpiece on all of her trumpets except the piccolo, on which she uses a 7F.

Watch a brilliant interview with Tine below on 'Sarah's Horn Hangout':

Visit her website here.

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