Thursday, 26 December 2013

Music Gifts I Received for Christmas 2013

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I certainly did and wanted to share some of the music related gifts that I received with you all.

Jo-Ral Copper Bubble Mute
This is the gift that I am most excited to receive. The mute has a beautiful rich sound and is especially perfect for jazz musicians.

Denis Wick Cup Mute
This is a mute that I have used before, but never owned. It is a very popular mute used by many professional musicians. The cup is adjustable, making it very versatile.

Protec Triple Mouthpiece Pouch
I really love this mouthpiece pouch. It is made of a nylon material, is very sturdy and definitely has enough protection for my mouthpieces.

Protec Single Mouthpiece Pouch
I wanted this for my cornet mouthpiece and as with the triple pouch, it does the job perfectly.

Claude Gordon's Systematic Approach to Daily Practice
This is something that I have had my eye on for a while and I am very happy to have received it. It aims to build up your range, endurance, stamina etc over a year. It contains 52 lessons, each to be carried out for at least a week. I want to do a full review of this product once I have tested it out for a few weeks. One thing I will say after trying it out today is that each of the exercises are very time consuming, but if you are serious about improving your technique then I would definitely recommend having a look at this book.

Music Journal
I also received this beautiful little A5 music journal. It has very thick cream-coloured paper, each double page spread including lines to write on as well as staves to jot down music. A highly recommended gift!

Music Calendar 
With 2014 fast approaching, I also received a musical instrument themed calendar. It contains beautiful illustrations of many different instruments and is a perfect size for me (note that it is about A5 size).

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