Friday, 16 November 2012

Yamaha 4335G Trumpet Review

The Yamaha 4335G is an intermediate trumpet and first of all it is very good quality. I have had this trumpet from new for 7 years, it has the odd bit of wear and tear but otherwise is in very good functioning condition. I have just had to replace the springs on the water keys, however this is expected for the length of time I have had this trumpet and the amount that I have played it over the years.

It makes a lovely sound which is definitely comparable to professional models. The valves always have and still do move very smoothly and are very good quality.

The trumpet has all three slide hooks, the 3rd one isn't adjustable, a feature seen on many student models.
This trumpet has a M/L bore (11.65 mm), is medium weight and comes with a Yamaha 11B4 mouthpiece. 
The case that it comes in is very sturdy (if not slightly too large) and has handy compartments for music and valve oil etc (a feature that my Xeno case lacks!).

I would without a doubt recommend this trumpet to anyone who is looking for a good quality trumpet, for a price which isn't going to break the bank.

The Yamaha 4335G is available here for £549:


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