Monday, 28 January 2013

Trumpet Stands

I currently own two different trumpet stands. One is the K&M folding stand and the other is the Hercules E/Z safe trumpet stand.

K&M Folding Trumpet/Cornet Stand
This is a great stand for travelling with. The stand itself is sturdy, with 5 legs for support. The only thing that I am worried about with this stand is that it could possibly cause dents to the bell. If changing between trumpets quickly in an orchestra, then maybe this stand isn't for you because although it has a rubber tip, it is possible that damage could still be caused. 

However, this stand is brilliant for a trumpeter travelling to and from gigs and rehearsals. It is very lightweight and the legs unscrew and store inside the top part, which can then be stored inside the bell of the trumpet.

Hercules E/Z Safe Trumpet/Cornet Stand
This is a very sturdy stand. It has 3 legs with rubber feet, meaning that the stand is very stable and keeps the trumpet safe, avoiding any falls. It has an adjustable 'peg' at the top, which can be adjusted to the right height for a trumpet or a cornet. The tip has a rubber ball, preventing any damage to the bell.

 However this stand is a lot less easier to transport as it is very heavy and doesn't really fold up - unscrews into two parts.
I feel that this stand is better suited to home use and I often use mine to store my trumpet in my room.

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