Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Yamaha Arius Digital Piano Overview

I am also a pianist as well as a trumpet player and I wanted to share my thoughts on Yamaha's range of digital pianos with you. I have owned a Yamaha Arius digital piano for the last 5 years and it is still going strong. It lives upstairs in my house and so was the only option for me, as a normal piano would be extremely difficult to get up the stairs. It is very light weight and the keyboard comes off the stand to make it even more portable.

It also allows me to practice whenever I want as I can simply plug in headphones and play away without worrying that I am disturbing anyone. This makes it perfect for anyone who lives in an apartment or a busy household. It has two headphone slots to allow a teacher also to listen to you play in detail.

The exact model that I own in the YDP-140 (now discontinued) but there are lots of other models available. Yamaha are well known for there 'Clavinova' series of digital pianos but the Arius is a slightly more affordable range, with many of the same great features. The full range can be seen here. They also come in a range of different wood shades so that they fit perfectly with the decor in your home if you wish.

The Arius has a very authentic piano sound and the weighted keys feel very much like a real piano. Like a real piano, it also has three pedals (damper, sostenuto and soft).

 This particular model has six inbuilt voices including harpsichord and string ensemble. This is makes it very fun to play around with! It also has fifty inbuilt classic piano pieces that are in the music book that is supplied with the piano (50 Greats for the Piano). The metronome is also very useful and also allows the inbuilt songs to be slowed down, so that it is easy to play along with them.

This model can also store one recorded track so that you can listen to yourself play, a very useful tool for practicing.

A digital piano is in many ways a great alternative to a real piano, especially because it is a lot cheaper to maintain as it never has to be tuned.

I really like this piano and it has taken me all the way from a beginner to grade 8 standard. Because of its real piano like feel it is perfect for beginners and more advanced players alike. Highly recommended.

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