Saturday, 7 December 2013

Yamaha Xeno Trumpet - 1 Year On

A year ago I purchased a Yamaha Xeno 8335 trumpet. After using it daily for the past year, I thought that it was time to do an updated review.

Considering I have used it on a daily basis for a year, it still looks in near perfect condition. The lacquer has held up extremely well and I have had absolutely no problems with it at all. The trumpet is extremely well constructed and I still love the way that the valves feel.

I find that this horn is perfectly suited to me. I have always used Yamaha and it is a brand that I definitely trust. I would definitely recommend trying before you buy though, as everyone is different. It is a very versatile trumpet that can be adapted to all styles of music and has a beautiful vibrant tone across all registers and volumes. It is very free blowing in all registers.

I personally really like the mouthpiece that comes with the horn and have continued using it for the year. It is a Yamaha Custom 16C4-GP. It is quite a large mouthpiece so definitely would not be recommended for less experienced players. It has an inbuilt tone 'booster' that, because of the added weight, helps to stabilise notes and allows better control whether you're playing loud or soft. It is gold plated on the inside that gives a warmer sound.

I have ditched the case for a smaller more portable gig bag, but it is a perfectly good case if you need to carry two trumpets or for added protection. The case is very well built and I personally find it has a very nice appearance in comparison to other cases. It is also lockable which is useful if you want added security.

Find out more about the Yamaha Xeno range here.
Watch the video below to hear how the Xeno sounds:

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