Friday, 29 November 2013

Trumpet Quotes

I have gathered together some of my favourite trumpet quotes that I found. Credit has to go to

"The nerves are a problem on trumpet because when you mess up everyone can hear it. Just remember most people are too polite to say anything about it. That should calm your nerves" Wynton Marsalis

"Trumpet players see each other, and it's like we're getting ready to square off or get into a fight or something" Wynton Marsalis

"There are two sides to a trumpeter's personality. There is the one that lives only to lay waste to the woodwinds and strings, leaving them lying blue and lifeless along the swath of destruction that is the trumpeter's fury. And then there's the dark side.Michael Stewart (adapted from a Nike advertisement)

"Life is like a trumpet- if you don't put anything into it, you don't get anything out of it" William Christopher Handy

"I used to look at these pictures of trumpeters pointing their instrument to the ceiling. Stunning pictures, but if you play the trumpet and point it upwards, all the spit comes back into your mouth!" Humphrey Lyttelton

"Playing the trumpet is such a intangible experience. The player is compelled to start from the beginning and build anew each day... It isnt like building a house, where we resume where we left the previous accomplishments. Each new day we must rebuild the foundation of our musical structure" Armando Ghitalla

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