Thursday, 5 September 2013

8 Things Every Musician Should Own

This is a small list of a few items I would recommend to all musicians:

1. Metronome
A metronome is essential tool for a musician to ensure correcting timing and tempo. I would recommend downloading 'Metrotime' from the App store for free:

2. Tuner
If you want to make sure you are in tune, a tuner is an essential item. I would recommend the 'Trevor James Chromatic Clip-on tuner':  or download 'Cleartune' for £2.49 from the App store:  

3. Music Stand
Get a folding stand to take to rehearsals and I would recommend a more durable orchestral stand for home use - especially if you are using the Arban! Check out K&M stands:

4. Practise Book
If you have lessons, then I would definitely recommend getting some sort of practise book. This means that you teacher can write down important things for you to practise. If you don't have lessons then a practise book is still useful the right down things you have practised and what you need to focus on next session.

5. Pegs
If you are a member of ensembles, or busk then pegs are a must for outdoor gigs/concerts to prevent those sheets from flying off into the audience. (They are also useful for keeping the Arban on your stand!)

6. Lots of Sheet Music
Try and have a collection of many different styles of music - useful for sight reading practise too!

7. Recordings of Your Favourite Musicians
Listening to musicians that inspire you can real help to motivate you.

8. An Instrument Stand
I like to keep my trumpet out on its stand all the time. I find that it really motivates me to practise and makes it easier just to pick up and play. Find a suitable sturdy stand that is going to keep your instrument safe. Here is a review of a couple of trumpet stands:

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