Friday, 17 May 2013

Encouraging Your Child to Practice

Encouraging students to practice is challenging. To many youngsters practicing is a 'chore'. Parents often don't help the matter much by forcing their child to practice - making it seem like even more of a chore.

I myself didn't practice much when I was alot younger but when I saw the true benefits of practicing and the pure enjoyment that I got from playing, I started to practice more and more.

Tips to parents:
1. Don't force, encourage.
Try not to 'make' your child practice, this immediately takes away the enjoyment and makes it feel more like a chore. Instead encourage them to practice, "can you play that piece to me? I would really like to hear it!" and make your child see the benefit that practicing has "that is sounding loads better!"

2. Find ensembles for them to play in.
Try and enrol your child in a band or an orchestra, this will develop there playing in addition to traditional practice sessions. This will begin to make playing more and more enjoyable for your child.

3. Give your child a wide arrange of sheet music.
A wide arrange of music, away from exam syllabuses will make practicing a lot more enjoyable. Children love to be able to play there favourite film tunes or pop songs on their instrument.

4. Encourage your child to listen to other players.
Take your child to concerts (not ones that will be 'boring' to a child) and show your child what they could be like one day, if they practised. This is something which definitely helped me to reach my true potential. 

Ask your child's teacher to explain a practice routine to your child, things they should be doing every time they play, and how long for. Make sure your teacher tells your child what they want them to work on each week, if you have to supply them with a 'practice book' to write in.

Finally, don't force your child to play an instrument if they really aren't enjoying it. Music is never going to be fun if it is forced upon you.

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