Thursday, 22 January 2015


1. Valve Oil Getting Everywhere.

2. Constant need for Chapstick.

4. Having to count bars and bars of rests. 

5. Having to deal with the huge egos in your section.

6. Fellow musicians moaning about how loud the trumpets are.

7. Knowing that you should wash your instrument but not wanting to find out what's lurking in the lead pipe.

8. Running out of valve oil when you need it most.
(@my_dedication_ on Twitter)

9. When you're so tired that you can't even form a decent embouchure (@trump_master on Twitter) 

10. The lengthy process of taking the valves out to oil and then screwing them back in. (@my_dedication_ on Twitter)

11. The annoyance of putting a valve back in the wrong way.
(@weird_trumpet on Twitter)

12. That sound when you haven't emptied the spit. (@my_dedication_ on Twitter)

13. Just anything to do with spit.

14. Having to switch between different brass instruments. (@ShyBandie on Twitter)

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