Saturday, 3 January 2015

A Closer Look: Protec iPac Double Trumpet Case

After trawling the internet for a new trumpet case, I came across the Protec iPac range. These cases are available double and triple versions with or without wheels. They contain removable velcro blocks that allow you to create the prefect fit for your trumpets and accessories.
I chose the double case so that I was able to carry my Bb trumpet and mutes or Bb and Eb trumpets.
Space for two trumpets or trumpet and mutes

Removable velcro blocks help you create the perfect fit

The case itself is very well made with a nylon exterior, outside pocket with organiser and comfortable shoulder strap. It is also possible to attach protect backpack straps to the case (at an extra cost) however I found the case too bulky to go on my back.
Comfortable Shoulder Strap
Sturdy Handle and Strap Clip on Side of Case
Interior Storage Pockets
The outside pocket is large enough to hold a couple of mutes and contains a small inside pocket that although small, is just large enough to hold valve oil and slide grease as well as some pencils. Unfortunately this pocket is not big enough to hold any music unless you want to leave the pocket unzipped.
The case also comes with two removable velcro double mouthpiece pouches that will stick to the roof of the case.
This is a good choice if you are looking for a protective double trumpet case at a slightly lower cost than other brands. The downsides are that the case is quite heavy, even before there are any trumpets in it but it will certainly protect your trumpets from any bumps!
See the full Protec iPac range here.

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