Monday, 23 December 2013

Essentials for the New Trumpet Player

Today I have put together a list of some items that I consider to be essentials for a new trumpet player. Hopefully this list will be helpful for all you prospective trumpet players out there!

  1. A suitable mouthpiece - Bach 7C or equivalent (Yamaha 11B4) is a standard student mouthpiece, however mouthpieces can be a confusing area so if you are unsure ask a trumpet teacher to give you some advice on what size to go for.  

  2. Valve oil - I would personally recommend Blue Juice, however they are many different brands out there. 

  3. Slide grease - An essential to keep those slides moving smoothly and to keep your trumpet in a good condition.

  4. Chapstick - There will be many times in your trumpet playing experience where your lips will be sore and chapped from playing, so chapstick is definitely an essential. I would recommend Chopsaver. (read a review here.)

  5. Cleaning brushes (mouthpiece, snake, valve casing) - Essentials for maintaining your trumpet.

  6. Polishing cloth/duster - Keep your trumpet shining and avoid unwanted wear to the lacquer.

  7. Music stand - It is important to develop a good playing posture so you will definitely want to make sure that you always play with a music stand.
  8. Suitable music books - Have a look around music shops, libraries, ask teachers and read reviews to find a suitable music book. Here is a few I found:

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